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Practice Yoga Around The World Via Curated Yoga Trips

Practice yoga around the world with yoga trips organized by your favorite spa or instructor to help center your mind and body in a relaxing and healthy environment.

The ancient practice of yoga continues to gain traction as it has become a favorite regimen to stay in shape and achieve peace of mind. An hour a day of this exercise will increase flexibility and strength to the body, and help reduce the stress produced by day to day tribulations.

As a result it inspired a novel idea: yoga trips to different countries organized by your favorite spa or instructor. There are excellent options to practice yoga around the world, while vacationing in healthier environments.


One of the most desirable destinations for yoga enthusiasts is the Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Retreat Shreyas Resort in Bangalore, India, which offers personalized attention, Ayurvedic therapies, traditional abhyanga Indian massages, breathing lessons or pranayama, and meditation sessions. This ashram paradise integrates vegetarian food, cooking classes, and continued consultation and guidance on everything related to yoga. The client should be able to bring home the lessons learned during the trip.

Shreyas also ascribes to the philosophy of karma yoga, which means giving back what one receives. Guests are encouraged to help in the community garden, plant trees or perform volunteer work at the local schools. The cost of seven days with seven nights of practice and learning starts at $3,400.


The Shunya Resort is nestled in the least populated region of Ibiza, close to Benirras Beach. This haven for Quantum Yoga offers, besides amazing breathing lessons, seminars that elucidate the philosophy of ancient India, and does it from one of the liveliest islands in the Mediterranean.

The yoga Cruise Finike is another attractive option in the Mediterranean. After practicing yoga on deck at sunrise or sunset, guests can enjoy all kinds of water sports, visit the glorious Greek Islands or the enchanting shores of Turkey.


If you are planning a trip down under, the Self – Discovery Retreat Byron Bay Yoga in Australia, is where you’ll find full care for body and mind: daily yoga lessons, Pilates, meditation and pranayama, as well as the most relaxing massages with the best surf in Australia as the backdrop. The resort’s star program, Core Energetics Body Psychotherapy, is complemented with organic vegetarian cuisine, Yoga Nindra and Ayurveda. Prices start at $1,600.

Other wonderful destinations for yoga are: Yoga Tea and You Como Shambhala in Bali, (Indonesia), Bespoke Yoga Retreat St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort (Puerto Rico), Kuxan Summ Maya Tulum (Mexico), Amansala Resort Tulum (Mexico), the Tapas Soul Retreat Xilai in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), Domaine de Grausse in France, Jatoba Terra Prana Lar Yoga (São Paolo, Brazil), Yogatography Big Sky Yoga Retreats in Montana (United States) and the Yoga Shanti Studio in Sag Harbor (Hamptons, New York).

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