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The Stars’ Secrets for Radiant Skin

Cynthia Tenorio

Celebrities come to Dr. Harold Lancer before a red carpet event or a photo shoot to receive exclusive, personalized treatments.

Taking care of our personal appearance is no longer considered a superficial habit as it was decades ago. We’ve become aware that sun and environment have severe effects on our skin, damaging mostly the face, which is our letter of introduction.Today, skincare is an important ritual that leads to better health. There are few professionals who manage to fulfill their promises and deliver something more than the elusive source of eternal youth: a truly healthy skin. One of them is Dr. Harold Lancer.Harold Lancer
Dr. Harold Lancer.Dr. Lancer‘s interest in skin care began during his childhood when an accident with boiling water caused him severe burns that took months to heal. Although the accident left marks on his skin, it also triggered his fascination with dermatology, a passion that has accompanied him throughout his life.

Graduated from the University of California San Diego, Dr. Lancer completed his residency in dermatology at the Harvard University Medical School and later won a plastic surgery scholarship from Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel. He also taught for 10 years at the University of California in Los Angeles.

Now, after nearly three decades of professional practice, Dr. Lancer is proud of his work and the respect he has earned for not being “someone you only visit for a laser resurfacing or a cellulite treatment”. “When you can´t remember how to diagnose pemphigus, for example, you are damaging the profession. Above all, we must be physicians, and specialists after”, said the famous dermatologist.

Lancer Dermatology is located on Rodeo Drive, one of the most emblematic streets of Beverly Hills, surrounded by fashion designers like Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren. Celebrities come to the center before a red carpet event or a photo shoot to receive exclusive and personalized treatments.

Harold Lancer

From expression lines or sunburns to more severe conditions, nothing is impossible for Dr. Lancer. It was he who successfully rehabilitated the psoriasis Kim Kardashian thought would put an end to her career. Denise Richards is a fan of his placenta masks, which may not sound very glamorous, but when we look at the actress’ youthful appearance, we realize it is a wonderful cure.

In addition to his academic credentials, Dr. Lancer is backed by years of research that allow him to offer his patients personalized treatments that suit their needs. For example, the combination of ancient techniques—such as acupuncture—with a microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, is ideal to achieve the perfect balance for every skin type.

Dr. Lancer and a team of specialist have developed LANCERx, a line of products that complement the treatments offered at the clinic. The Lancer Method can be summed up in three simple steps: polishing the skin to remove damaged cells, cleaning it to get rid of the dead cells, and nourishing it to help raise its levels of antioxidants and proteins.

Harold Lancer

Great results are evident as the great Oprah Winfrey claimed after undergoing one of his rituals: “In just two weeks I noticed a significant change”. However, the “skin guru” to the most powerful woman in American television doesn’t do miracles. Patients are encouraged to change some awful habits.

No matter how many times you visit his clinic or follow his method, a heavy smoker or someone who does not use a sun blocker will never get rid of expression marks. In the words of Dr. Lancer: “Caring for the skin improves the exterior appearance, but if you also follow a healthy lifestyle, you have the winning combination”.


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