Sha: The Body’s Self-Healing Power

Ana B. Remos

SHA Wellness Clinic is part luxury hotel, spa and detox clinic, but overall it is a place where we learn to live anew.

Tucked in the mountains of the Sierra Helada, near the picturesque town of Altea del Mar, Spain and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, we found the SHA Wellness Clinic. Located in a pristine bird sanctuary and away from the noise of our convoluted lives, this retreat is part luxury hotel, spa and detox clinic, but overall it is a place where we learn to live anew. A visit and you will be able to optimize your quality of life, while enjoying a relaxed vacation away from the rigors of quotidian life. No coffee or sugar here, no cigarettes either. Only relaxation and the best spa treatments accompanied by sophisticated cuisine to satisfy all the senses. The weather is perfect, the setting gorgeous and the treatments effective for those seeking to upgrade their life expectancy and learn to live in balance and harmony with themselves and their environment. At SHA, beauty, health and wellbeing walk hand in hand, and guests gradually achieve their goals through day, week and two week long programs that herald the beginning of a better, healthier life, which translates into a state of complete plenitude, total physical, mental and social well-being in harmony with the environment.


The story of SHA begins when founder Alfredo Bataller Pariett, tired conventional medical treatments for a serious digestive pathology, discovered that the key to a harmonious life lays in balancing good nutrition, Western medicine and an array of ancient Oriental treatments that, when supervised, help us fight and prevent the symptoms of premature aging, stress and many modern day illnesses. Let’s not fool ourselves. We all age, but there is a difference between chronological and biological age. The former refers to the time that has gone by since we were born, the latter refers to the wear and tear suffered by our bodies throughout life. How we age can be determined by the lifestyle choices we make. At the clinic we learn about the body’s self healing properties through natural therapies.

After a pleasant stay at SHA, guests leave feeling renewed, more alive, energetic and with a much healthier appearance. These fundamental physical changes will result in an improved quality of life, the slowing down of the aging process and greater resistance to illness. Exploring the health potential of each person by using specific natural stimulation and reconstruction of different metabolic processes is at the core of the SHA method. It combines elements of modern macrobiotics and the curative powers of natural therapies personalized to reach the objectives of each individual. Programs include diet, exercise, classes, and therapeutic treatments specifically related to their needs.

Among the many medical treatments offered at SHA, we encountered some seemingly new ideas: fighting free radicals, glucose metabolism control, weight management, brain activity improvement, skin health, anti fatigue, bio identical hormone replacement, anti aging and cosmetic treatments. We were also privy to an array of natural therapies that help us achieve harmony between body and spirit to achieve the most needed balance between our physical and spiritual realms, essential to good overall health. These include acupuncture, shiatsu, yoga, chi-kung, tai-chi, watsu, physiotherapy, reflexology, moxibustion, and reiky in an East meets West combination personalized to address each individual’s needs. If to all this we add non-invasive beauty treatments like cellular stimulation and regeneration, carboxitherapy, mesotherapy, photo stimulation, radiofrequency and focalized ultrasounds, we have a complete package to improve our appearance, health and wellbeing.

The state of the art accommodations and amenities have garnered accolades and awards from experts all over the world. With 93 suites with terraces overlooking the sea and the nearby mountains, over 20,000 square feet of spa, several pools, gourmet restaurant, heliport, fitness center, Zen terrace and beautiful gardens, SHA has been named “Most Excellent European Destination” by Conde Nast Johansens and “Favorite Medical/Thermal/Natural Spa by Conde Nast Traveller. Architect Carlos Giraldi seamlessly introduced the five buildings into the privileged landscape, while interior designer Elvira Blanco Montenegro introduced subtle colors, materials, textures and, most importantly, light that fuse to create a sense of warm minimalism.

The resort’s gourmet restaurant SHAMADI, presents haute cuisine with a twist. Chef Pablo Montoro, one of the disciples of Ferran Adrià, of El Bulli fame, prepares dishes that adapt to the most up-to-date nutritional research, drawing on the wisdom of thousands of years of culinary culture from the world’s longevity hot spots. He is convinced that “our body’s state of health depends to a great extent on what we feed it.” In other words, we are what we eat. He likes to quote Hippocrates “let the food be your medicine; and your medicine, your food.” He has prepared a diet of the most select macrobiotic nutrients prepared with natural, organic ingredients. SHAMADI received Milleseme’s highest recognition for gastronomic trends.

Michio Kushi, Alfredo Bataller Parietti.

All of the above wouldn’t mean much without the supervision of SHA’s team of seasoned professionals. Led by Founder Alfredo Bataller Parietti, the team includes experts in general medicine, neurology, aesthetics, rehabilitation, endocrinology, biochemistry, nutrition, genomics, integrative medicine and others. It is worth mentioning the guidance of Michio Kushi, the world’s leading authority on macrobiotics, who helped develop the SHA method. Together they have created an oasis where we can find a harmonious balance between a healthy body, a peaceful mind and spiritual enrichment. In an imperfect world, growing old is inevitable, but with the help of the experts at SHA, we can live longer, better and healthier.


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