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Inspired by her Russian background and her vision of beauty, Julia Lemigova expands the exclusive Russie Blanche luxury skincare brand's empire.

Julia Lemigova is revolutionizing the luxury skincare market with Russie Blanche. What begun as a quest for a better way of living soon became the foundation for one of Paris’ hottest spas and innovative new skincare lines.
Russie Blanche
Julia Lemigova.Lemigova lived in her native Moscow until the age of 18, when she was elected Miss USSR (former Soviet Union). She went on to compete in the 1991 Miss Universe pageant where she was second runner-up. Lemigova’s life was set forward in full motion as she became an international model and traveled the world, an opportunity to learn from different cultural views and approaches to health and beauty.

Julia Lemigova settled down in Paris, bringing with her a lifetime of Russian women’s beauty secrets and rituals. In 2003, she opened a well-being center in the heart of Paris, combining her tried-and-true beauty secrets with skin care therapies learned through her travels. Spa Joiya, in Paris’s 8th arrondissement, was soon popular with clients seeking this unique blend of treatments, becoming the “it” place for Parisian socialites.

Russie Blanche

Lemigova went a step further in 2009 and created Russie Blanche, a skincare line inspired by her Russian background and her vision of beauty. The line is recognized as refined and luxurious and earned the 2012 Niche Brand Award from Beauty Challenger in Paris.

Inspired by her success, she continued to innovate. All the formulas were developed with a renowned pharmacist in Russie Blanche’s Parisian laboratory, where Julia Lemigova intensely studied the results and benefits of her products. In 2013, from her lab in Paris, she launched a cutting-edge anti-aging line called “Cellular Youth,” which helps to prevent the appearance of various signs of aging in addition to moisturizing the skin.

Russie Blanche

The Cellular Youth Cream is her favorite, for its moisturizing and skin protecting capabilities. “I travel so much that it helps keep my skin hydrated and feeling plumped and youthful.” She has also revealed that t
he Russie Blanche range contains adaptogens plants such as the Siberian Russian Golden Root and Ginseng for instant and long-term efficacy. It aids with faster cellular regeneration, is a barrier against external factors and helps to stimulate the immune system. The Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rose and Siberian Pine have created a refined fragrance for the facial and body product ranges.

Russie Blanche

Lemigova also takes pride in the fact that there is no silicone, parabens, artificial coloring, Phenoxyethanol or mineral oil in any Russie Blanche products. The entire line is made with natural ingredients.

Russie Blanche has an extensive list of products for the face and body. From the Cleanser & Make-up Removing Pearly Jelly to the Balancing Mask with Plants, the complete face range is aimed at improving skin complexion and tone. These body products are known by the word “Banja,” a Russian ancestral tradition of using hot and cold therapy to assist the body’s defense system. In the Banja range, you can find Detox Bath and Shower Oil, and Detox Salt and Caviar Body Polish, along with other remedies aimed at ridding the body of toxins and stress.

Russie Blanche

The Russie Blanche Signature Spa Treatments are sure to revive even the dullest skin. The spa menu includes such items as the Siberian Petals Facial and the Salt Caviar Scrub. Already offered at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London and Club Essentia at the Delano Hotel in Miami Beach, these treatments have already begun making their way into top-tier spas.

Lemigova sees a world of opportunity ahead, but for now, is focusing on making Russie Blanche a success in the US and expanding her store footprint.

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