Remember Your Successes

Eli Bravo

Large or small, personal victories are a treasure

It does not take a genius to know that we run into some failures on our path to success. That is life, there is no other way; it is similar to falling in love and feel the pain or having our health affected by illness. Every project goes through moments of fluidity and turbulence. True wisdom arises from stressful situations, but to focus solely on the failures is a sure recipe for despair. To learn from our failures is fine, but to leave them behind is much more important.For every successful person, it is crucial to bring forth the primary resource: all previous triumphs. Big or small, these personal victories are a treasure and the fuel needed to move forward. And as such, we must appreciate and value them.Remember Your Successes

Susan Ford Collins, the author of The Joy of Success, says the first thing we should do to enhance our successful approach is to learn to file our triumphs. What does she mean? We need to cultivate the memory of the successful experiences from our past and not to rest on our laurels, but to maintain our self-motivation, self-esteem and emotional resources at the maximum level. “Past successes give you the confidence you need for future successes,” says Susan. ”And the great achievements are the result of many small successes.” This is something always to keep in mind: small successes are the foundation of the great triumphs.

Susan uses a pun to illustrate this idea: Success-filling and Successful, which could translate as “full of success”. This is more than a play on words. After studying hundreds of people of proven success, Susan found that they all shared one thing in common: they did not forget their past triumphs and knew how to obtain from them the knowledge and enthusiasm to move forward. Again, they didn’t wallow in past glories (this leads to nostalgia or repetition of formulas) but reinforced their skills and moved forward to face the new challenges that always appear.

I had the opportunity to meet Susan Collins Ford in a presentation at my daughter’s school. One of the recommendations given to us parents to support a healthy attitude in our children is to make sure they remember the occasions when they were successful and talk to them about the things they did to get there. Beyond the usual “well done!” we must analyze with them the steps that led them to the right results. This will help them see their potential in a clearer way and create their own file of successes.

Another of her recommendations is to become co-dreamers of their dreams. As we offer our enthusiastic support, we inject more energy into their flow of intelligence, passion, and curiosity. Susan made the difference between being our children`s co-dreamers and living our own dreams through them. In the first case, we give them the opportunity to become accomplished as human beings. In the second we use them to meet our own needs. You probably know many instances of parents living through their children what they could not achieve themselves.

Remember to file your successes, because they are certainly many. And do not think of success in absolute terms or as we usually see it described in advertising and the media. In fact, success is more straightforward, direct and real: it is developing our life purpose so it can become an experience to enjoy in the present. And that is something really beautiful.

Eli Bravo is the Managing Director and Chief Editor of Inspirulina, a Spanish content website with articles on wellness, personal growth, and health.


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