Om Prana

Walter Raymond

This practice aims to retrain and restore the body's elasticity and natural movements.

Omprana is a gentle and balanced system of physical training based on body logic. It sets out to discover the natural movements of our body that are forgotten or hidden by inner blocking. This practice helps restore the natural equilibrium of the body, improves posture, and contributes to general wellbeing.  

The joy of full mobility generates great health benefits.

While the exercises are simple and practical— even persons with mobility difficulties can do them— they are not mere stretching. The regular practice of
Omprana aims to restore elasticity and body movement in a natural way. In turn, a deeper understanding of our body, and the joy of full movement generate health benefits much as it does with the practice of yoga.

Gentle and deep

The central aspect to highlight in Omprana is its gentleness. One of its fundamental principles is not to force the body with goals that go beyond the capabilities of each person. Getting a greater range of motion and flexibility is a gradual process, avoiding the muscle stiffness that results from overload or extremely demanding exercises.

Omprana sessions.

Natural and soft breathing play a decisive role, contributing to enhance the blood supply and a feeling of completeness. The Omprana Stretching exercises also help relieve muscle, back, and cervical pain and reduce the sense of heaviness in the legs. To complement them, the Omprana Massages are revitalizing and promote deep relaxation.

Omprana Principles

Breathing: Breathing consciously stimulates the flow of energy, frees the body, and improves fluidity of movements.

Circular: Respect the circularity of the joints to retrieve those long forgotten or blocked actions. A towel is used for support and to help loosen and stretch the joints.

Resistance-compensation: Correcting any decompensation of posture and movement allows greater flexibility and balance, promoting harmony, fluidity, and a proper posture.

Gravity: Use gravity as a friend! Don’t force your movements, flow with them allowing a natural interaction with the body.

Flow: The natural energy housed at the base of the spine should flow freely up the spine to be distributed throughout the body.

Omprana helps maintain the balance between body and mind.

Be your own Omprana coach

Once you live the Omprana experience and learn its exercises, it will accompany you throughout your life. You will adapt your routine during your trips or holidays and for the times when you rest at home.

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