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New Cosmetic Treatments For The Neck

Susana Ramudo

The condition of the neck's skin and muscles reveals the true age of many women. Rejuvenation treatments could be the antidote.

Women have historically been concerned with keeping a beautiful, smooth neck. Neck lifts are among the most popular cosmetic surgeries, and their demand is soaring. A long, elegant neck is the dream of millions of women, who want to look like iconic movie stars like Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor.Plastic surgeons are seeing a dramatic increase in calls from patients who want to maintain the smooth appearance of their neck muscles. This is particularly noticeable among young women, who are undergoing neck and chin lifts more frequently than other procedures. In the case of women between the ages of 30 and 50, requests for this type of treatments have increased by 50 percent. Many of those patients have previously had other treatments on their faces, but find that their necks reveal their true age.
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Prestigious physicians like Dr. Sam Rizk, Dr. Adam Kolker or dermatologist Bruce Katz, all with offices in New York, are known for great cosmetic results and offer quite a number of different options. The traditional facelift consists of incisions around the ears to eliminate excess skin and “lift” the entire area. This technique has not changed very much in the last decades. What represents a novelty is the introduction of new procedures that considerably reduce the fear of undergoing a traditional facelift, and also shorten the recovery period after the operation.

Plastismaplasty is the procedure by which sagging muscles recover their youthful appearance and proper toning after a small incision under the chin.

The Alma ClearLift laser is a favorite of Dr. Katz, a well-known specialist in skin rejuvenation techniques. It is a penetration into the deeper skin layers where collagen is produced. The objective is to increase collagen production, thus helping the skin to “lift”. This is one of the most successful treatments because it doesn’t produce pain or redness afterward. To obtain the desired results it is recommended to have three to five sessions, with a cost of $300 to $500 per session.

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Although the Alma ClearLift laser is an excellent choice for Kolker, who also performs a wide variety of different procedures and treatments with Botox and laser, he admits that for long term results it is necessary to undergo surgery, because in this case it is a fight against gravity, and therefore it is necessary to “attack” the muscles and skin.

Sam Rizk is famous for his nose-job operations and facelifts (he performs more than 30 per week). He uses a high definition telescope that allows him to make small incisions and accurately study all the neck muscles and the skin. This procedure guarantees a brief recovery of 10 to 12 days, although the patient can return to his or her social life with all normality in 5 days. Rizk, who has acquired considerable experience and specialization over years of treating this particular area, complements the recovery with a variety of vitamins and herbal products. The cost of the treatment may vary between $8,500 and $15,000 and the results last 8 to 10 years.

The goal is to combine several procedures so face and neck share the same youthful look.


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