Lanserholf Tegernsee & Southern Ocean Lodge

Mary Elizabeth Collins

Two splendid luxury resorts.

Health and wellness tourism are some of the fastest growing segments in the travel industry. The leading hospitality brands—as well as personalized, boutique enterprises—are creating true luxury temples dedicated to improving, refreshing and renewing our mental and physical health through a plethora of beauty and wellness rituals in uber luxurious resorts and spas.The following hotels take on all the challenges to deliver havens of tranquility and wellbeing.Lanserhof Tegernsee

Lanserhof Tegernsee made its much-anticipated debut in January 2014 as the most modern city spa in Europe. By 2015, they had earned the prestigious World’s Best Medical Spa Award for its perfect location, luxurious facilities, and excellent service.

This heavenly spa is located almost 2,000 feet above sea level, near Lake Tegernsee in Bavaria, Germany, one of Europe’s most exciting tourist destinations. The healthy climate and iodine sulfur springs add to the area’s excellent reputation for health improvement in a green oasis of tranquility in the mountains.

The different treatments offered here are based on the LANS Med Concept, considered one of the newest methods for recovery and disease prevention, in which science and naturopathy come together in an integrated approach. These therapy techniques serve not only to combat diseases but also to promote health through individual plans to detoxify the body.

Lanserhof Tegernsee also offers elegant rooms with terraces that invite exaltation and provide unforgettable panoramic views. It also has studio apartments and large suites with all kinds of amenities that combine the beauty of the surrounding environment with a tasteful decor of noble materials such as wood, leather, and natural stone.

Foto Credits: Lanserhof, Egbert Krupp, Alexander Haiden

Southern Ocean Lodge

Nestled in an isolated cliff on a steep stretch of coast, the Southern Ocean Lodge offers unrivaled views of nature along the Southern Ocean as well as pristine wilderness in South Australia’s Kangaroo Island.

This spectacular lodge is a sanctuary of comfort and peace located in an area of great beauty. The hotel is environmentally friendly, featuring local food and drinks and a broad menu of modern spa treatments.

With 21 luxury suites along the coast, the lodge creates a stunning fusion of nature and state-of-the-arts comfort. Every suite has large beds, sunken living room, floor to ceiling windows and a spacious terrace. The contemporary furniture is custom-made, and each suite is decorated with works of art created by local artisans.

The hotel’s chef, Jack Ingram, delights guests with dishes based on local organic products. And the spa is a private oasis, located on top of a cliff with breathtaking sea views, and offers a selection of traditional treatments, steam baths, and relaxation rooms.

There is the possibility of excursions in the area to see seals on the coast and kangaroos in the vast wilderness of Flinders National Park.


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