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Jade Rollers: An Ancient Beauty Technique with a Modern Cult Following

Kathleen Wong

Jade rollers date back to seventh century China, but their healing properties are making a splash in twenty-first century beauty routines.

Out of all the many materials revered in Chinese culture, jade is definitely high up on the list. The constantly cool, vividly colored stone is a virtuous symbol of protection, balance and purity. It makes sense then that nourishing jade can be found carved and embedded in pendants, wrapped around wrists in perfect circles, and used in rituals and ceremonies. But did you know that jade has also been a staple in beauty routines dating back to the seventh century?

Jade rollers Rodillos de jade
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As the name implies, a jade roller is a simple tool shaped like a miniature rolling pin or paint roller, with a longer stone on one end, and a shorter one on the other. Some variations may also feature textured stones, but in any case, the gorgeous tool is meant to be glided across the face to help promote firmer, brighter, tighter skin — an all-around win for any user.

“Jade is known to have healing and cooling properties,” Cecilia Wong, a celebrity facialist who incorporates ancient Chinese techniques into her work, tells azureazure. Jade rollers in particular are believed to have mystical, restorative powers. No wonder they’re becoming such a big hit in the beauty realm right now. Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham are known to be fans, reportedly incorporating jade rolling into their regular beauty routines.

Jade rollers Rodillos de jade
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Jade rollers have been found to boast a myriad of beauty benefits. People can run the jade all over their face to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and under eyes bags; the roller alleviates puffiness, Wong says (just make sure to roll away from the nose). Like a full body massage, pressing the jade roller on different areas of the face helps to release muscle tension that can build up from long days at the office or late nights out on the town. This type of facial massage also promotes better blood and oxygen circulation, giving your skin a natural, fresh glow.

The pressure that comes with jade rolling helps stimulate lymphatic drainage, a detoxification process that starts with your lymph nodes. To do this, roll outward and downward along your jawline, where your neck meets your ear. Then, roll down to your clavicle, where toxins will be circulated away from your face.

Jade rollers Rodillos de jade

For an extra measure against puffiness, pop the jade roller in the refrigerator before starting your facial massage. This gives your skin an energizing experience and immediately reduces swelling — and also it just feels really relaxing. It’s the perfect quick fix when getting ready for evening plans.

To start seeing results, Wong recommends using the jade roller daily, both in the morning and at night. “Apply a serum [to the skin] before rolling the jade on the face for better friction,” she adds. Sit back, relax, and just roll with it.  ■

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