Henri Chenot’s Italian Spa

Susana Ramudo

By the 1990s, Carla Fendi and the Missoni family had discovered the spa, but it remained a well-kept secret among fashion's VIPs.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Henri Chenot, acupuncturist, and advocate of Chinese and natural medicines has been serving a privileged clientele in the remote Italian province of Alto Adige, also known as South Tyrol, the region of Austria annexed to Italy in 1919, after WWI.Born March 25, 1943, in Catalonia, Spain, and raised in France, Chenot studied biology at the Research Centre for Marine Biology in France. He later developed his knowledge of anthropology, naturopathy, philosophy and Chinese medicine at the Sorbonne. Years later he obtained a doctorate in psychology from the University of Kensington.

In 1980, Chenot began treating his patients in the village of Solda (also known as Sulden), and later moved his practice to Merano (Meran), where he opened Espace Henri Chenot Spa at the famous Palace Merano hotel.

By the 1990s, Carla Fendi and the Missoni family had discovered the spa, but it remained a well-kept secret among fashion’s VIPs, a secret shared only with the European elite, like Princess Caroline of Monaco or Luciano Pavarotti. At the time, the spa occupied only a small area of the Palace Hotel, which was a favorite of discerning world travelers, and German tourists in particular.

The spa’s success soared in the first decade of 2000. It is now frequented by New York gallery owners, museum directors, and established artists like Julian Schnabel, as well as international leaders, such as the President of Azerbaijan and the Emir of Qatar. The six doctors that run the spa offer cutting-edge cosmetic treatments.

The Spa, set in a marvelous belle époque building, continues to be a place of relaxation and detox for the world’s elite. Henri Chenot and his wife, Dominique, are still active in the direction of all aspects of the business, especially the “Chenot Detox Program”, which has made it an even more popular destination, a true temple of worship for beauty and health.

A successful stay begins with a physical check up based on the principles of Biontology, a term coined by Dr. Chenot that means “the study of the essence of life and its evolution”. Some of the program’s acolytes are Italian millionaire Flavio Briatore, fashion model Elle MacPherson, Roberto Cavalli and the French soccer star Zinedine Zidane.


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