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Sport Attire That Tracks Your Performance And Becomes Your Personal Trainer

Walter Raymond

Gow, a unique personal training system utilizes smart fabrics that are capable of tracking your heart beat and send the data to a mobile app. Learn more here!

The creation of wearable smart fabrics is just the beginning. Gow, a unique personal training system, connects the special fabrics of its sportswear to heart monitors, which transmit data in real time to electronic devices. The convergence of smart textiles, individual transmitters, and computer applications has transformed sportswear into an interactive database that runs along with the athlete.

Gow Trainer

This monitoring training system by Gow features T-shirts and tops made from an absorbent fabric, with no seams to prevent friction against the skin. But more interesting is their embedded technology: the material features high-tech yarns that function as heart rate sensors, sending your activity records activity in real time to the Fitmitter, a small transmitter attached to the garment that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone to carry and assess the data. The Fitmitter captures the information generated in workouts and compares it to the established training plan. It also alerts through audio signals if it detects any overload or muscle wear and tear.

Gow Trainer

With this novel system, rain or bad weather are no longer reasons to avoid your sport or personal training. The small device is waterproof and its battery has a shelf life of one year. The application to activate your phone is free and can be obtained from Google App Store. It also enables you to connect with other users—or “gowers”— to challenge them and send or receive encouragement and praise for good performance.

Thanks to your virtual coach, all the information generated in your training sessions is stored in, where you can analyze and compare your results, evaluate your progress and also create or improve fitness plans. It also allows you to access your personal profile and interact with other community members to exchange ideas and advice.

Gow Trainer

Your virtual trainer generates bidirectional real-time information to guide your workout while monitoring and evaluating your gowtrainer plan through the data generated by your body. The system will lead you to step by step pointing out the training stages and peak moments to best deploy your physical potential.

The time has come to put away the uncomfortable and awkward straps on your chest and forget the tedious manual records after completing each training session. The days when you were uncertain about your performance have come to an end. Now, your new virtual sports coach moves with you in real time while interacting with other members of your new community. Nothing could be simpler.

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