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Gainsborough Bath Spa: A Luxurious Experience In Bath’s Hot Springs

Federico Tibytt

The Gainsborough Bath Spa, a luxurious five-star hotel located in the British city of Bath, is the first of its kind to have thermal water circuits included in its spa services.

The spectacular Gainsborough Bath Spa opened its doors in the British city of Bath in 2015. This five-star hotel is the first in this category to have thermal water circuits included in its services.

Gainsborough Bath Spa
Gainsborough Bath & Spa

This grand hotel’s location is in the center of one of the oldest cities in the region, used for millennia as a site for health treatments thanks to the presence of hot springs with healing powers.

In the year 43 B.C., the Romans occupied these lands and built housing and public compounds that included gyms, massage, and game rooms, as well as wine taverns. As it brings back ancient local traditions, the new hotel features a plethora of luxurious amenities.

The hotel occupies two Grade II Listed buildings dating from the early 19th century with distinguished Georgian and Victorian façades. In its interior, the artistic legacy of the structures stands out as an homage to a glorious past. The renowned New York studio Champalimaud Design—winner of several distinguished awards— conducted the renovations and introduced a modern and elegant style. The lavish rooms of the spa, worthy of the most luxurious palaces, coexist perfectly with the warm and comforting environment of the restaurant, bar and guest rooms.

Gainsborough Bath Spa
Gainsborough Bath Spa
1. Rooftop heated pool. 2, 3, 4 & 5. The hotel’s interior pools and spa.

The hotel has ample suites of two or more bedrooms decked in contemporary furnishings and classic style. The rooms are decorated with artworks that reflect the history of this unique region of England, including such treasures as 2,000-year old Roman coins, and classic and contemporary paintings created by local artists. The most emblematic rooms are called Spa Rooms, offering treatments with thermal waters available in their private bathrooms.

The renovated spa also boasts three natural hot spring pools with different temperatures forming a therapeutic circuit. There is also a traditional and infrared sauna, steam bath, panoramic terrace with thermal ponds, ice treatment room and, of course, a gym and beauty salon.

Guests can enjoy a complete list of treatments inspired by local folklore and newly imported techniques. Many of them are Malay traditions that the new owners brought to the hotel.

Gainsborough Bath Spa
Gainsborough Bath Spa
1, 2 & 3. Suites and luxurious accommodations. 4. One of the hotel’s signature libations. 5. High tea service. 6. Cocktails at the bar.

To complete a sublime stay, visit the hotel restaurant, run by the German chef Johann Lafer, winner of a Michelin star and internationally recognized for his cooking style “Dining Without Borders”. The chef’s creations are known for his use of fresh local produce to create truly innovative fusion dishes. Among the impressive proposals, you’ll find a delightful Wiltshire roast lamb with crispy pepper Szechuan—inspired by traditional Chinese cuisine —with, celery and orange.

The restaurant, named after its chef, offers an exquisite menu and an excellent and extensive wine list from all over the world. Alternatively, the hotel also features the Canvas Bar–a relaxed atmosphere where food is available 24 hours–and the Gainsborough bar, a charming space to enjoy delicious cocktails prepared by their excellent bartenders.

The Gainsborough Bath Spa is a perfect representative of the ancient spirit of the city of Bath—a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987—and offers an experience of unparalleled elegance, relaxation, enjoyment and personal care. Another splendid spa: Raffles Istanbul.

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