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Diptyque: The Luxury of Artisan Candles

Ana Angarita

The French firm gained recognition when designer Karl Lagerfeld began to use their candles to perfume Chanel runways and boutiques.

Diptyque is a brand known for its perfumes, fragrances and, above all, for its handmade candles, which hold the scepter in the market of subtle illumination. Their products are widely used in the world of fashion and design. The aromas of their scented candles are captivating and sensual and can be genuinely addictive.

The balanced blend of the scents used in the candle’s composition results in aromas that help create different atmospheres depending on the occasion, like a romantic dinner or a festive celebration, or simply for perfuming or lighting up a room. Also, there are Diptyque scents that have that je ne sais quoi that makes them so unique.

The brand’s products can calm our moods, reduce stress and relax the body after the daily routine. Not surprisingly many collections are sold out within days of their launch in the company`s exclusive boutiques in places like Madison Avenue in New York City, or Marylebone in London, to name just some of its outlets in different continents.

But he label’s real devotees should make the pilgrimage to Diptyque’s flagship boutique, located at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris.

It was precisely there, in 1961, where artists Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet, and Yves Coueslant Diptyque set up their firm selling elegantly-engraved upholstery. The brand’s founders had just left their positions as fabrics and wallpaper designers for the British firms Sanderson and Liberty.

They quickly introduced their customers to the world of candles, demonstrating the central role that the trio gives to scented things. Thus, in 1963, they launched into the French market their first three scented candles: hawthorn, cinnamon, and tea.

The Diptyque candles are inspired by and evoke travel, childhood memories, and, of course, elements of nature. Hence, their exclusive creations combine aromas of resins, delicate wood notes, exotic spices and fragrant flowers.

Hand in hand with Chanel

While it is true that Diptyque shines on its own, in 1983, it got a golden opportunity from the hands of Karl Lagerfeld, then creative director of Chanel, the legendary French haute couture Maison.

In search of inspiration, Lagerfeld was captivated by the seductive aromas in the Diptyque flagship store. The influential designer wanted to find a scent he could use to identify the Chanel boutiques. The chosen candle was Baies, a mixture of roses and black currant, whose aroma Lagerfeld not only placed in each of the Chanel shops but also used for perfuming the catwalks at the firm’s fashion shows. This, of course, increased Diptyque’s fame and helped put it on the map as an exclusive luxury brand.

Diptyque: a timeless fragrance.

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