Beauty Therapy


Deborah Chiu

Therapeutic cosmetics or cosmetic pharmacology? A hybrid between medicinal and cosmetic products promises smooth and luminous skin, as well as fighting acne and hair loss.

We should never forget that the greatest indicator of beauty is good health. So let’s open the doors and explore a relatively new concept: cosmeceuticals, treatments where aesthetics and freshness go hand in hand to avoid invasive procedures. Upon hearing the term cosmeceuticals, we could imagine something completely new. However, these products are nothing more than a combination of some very well known biologically active ingredients, which are able to keep skin smooth and luminous.


For those who rely on traditional remedies, it should be enough to say that vitamin C, contained in citrus fruits and other vegetables, is one of these essential ingredients. In fact, the “king of antioxidants” is almost always present in products that treat epidermal aging. There are also cosmeceuticals to combat acne and hair loss. In addition, popular moisturizers with sunscreen are another type of cosmeceuticals, highly recommended as an indispensable part of any beauty ritual. To ensure the ideal effect, they should always be applied in a thin layer, and not under but over makeup.

A wide range of facial and body products such as those offered by the Spanish group Body Esthetic Laboratories, Mesoestetic, have a high biochemical ability to hydrate, smooth and protect. However, no one should doubt consulting a dermatologist or esthetician to find out precisely which are our particular needs. The first recommendation before using any product is to consult a specialist.


Either way, this alternative is already positioned as the best cosmetic solution for movie stars. Some of the celebrities who praise these products are Madonna and Jane Seymour, two pioneers in the use of cosmeceuticals. Both are over fifty years old, although they certainly look much younger.


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