Women’s Empowerment

Clinique Difference Maker: There’s No Turning Back When it Comes to Women’s Empowerment

Maria Chulia

A motivating campaign from the renowned cosmetics brand that encourages women to be the best versions of themselves to achieve change in their personal lives and in the world. 

Women are increasingly assuming greater roles in all areas of society. Politics is an excellent example. In a couple of months, the United States could elect its first woman president. In that case, Hillary Clinton would be at the helm of the world’s most influential nation. This would mark an unprecedented milestone after which there would be no turning back.

After centuries of living in the shadows of men, followed by decades of struggle for equality and opportunity, the time has come for women to take on even more daring roles with the power to contribute to a better world.

Victoria Pendleton

Clinique: years helping women to feel good

Advertising experts know the buying power and influence of the modern woman and take advantage of that empowerment to create different initiatives for fashion and beauty brands.

Clinique stands out among the leading brands that have supported women’s causes throughout the years. The American brand of skin care products and fragrances has spent decades helping women to look and feel better. Clinique now expands its strategy through the Difference Maker campaign, with a mission to empower women to achieve the best version of themselves and contribute to a change in the community.

Jessica Nkosi

This campaign has the support of the Mexican actress and screenwriter
Eréndira Ibarra, British cyclist Victoria Pendleton, German-Turkish TV presenter Nazan Eckes, South African model Jessica Nkosi, the German actress of Taiwanese descent Ning Chang, and also actress Gina Rodríguez, born in Chicago to Puerto Rican parents.

These six women from different cultures participated in a video produced by the cosmetics brand in which they narrate their inspiring stories and explain how their strength, courage and desire to succeed brought their dreams into reality. How did they do it? By believing in their own power, following their instincts and turning setbacks into victories.

Six women that took charge of their own power.

Gina Rodríguez won the Golden Globe in 2015, she delivered the most motivating speech of the night. She thanked her parents for making her look in the mirror every morning— despite everything that happened around—and say, “I can, I will conquer everything I set my mind to achieve.” With strength and self-confidence, she studied to be an actress and realized her dream.

Eréndira Ibarra learned from her father to fight against injustice. It was Epigmenio Ibarra, journalist and television producer, who risked his life to cover several guerrilla conflicts in Central America in search of truth and justice. In the video, Eréndira recounted how she learned to have a voice and to use it against what she perceived as unfair.

The challenge of climbing a very high mountain led to a decision that changed the life of
Chang Ning. She had to work hard to strengthen her body for the feat and enrolled the practice of meditation to be mentally prepared. Now she tries to teach all her followers the importance of caring for your health to cope with life’s affairs and challenges.

These are only a few of the many stories of women who learned to overcome difficulties and achieve their goals. More and more women are learning to empower themselves. We invite all women to join this terrific club.

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