Ancient Practice

Breema: A Rare and Smart Mix of Massage, Dance and Body Perception

Walter Raymond

An ancient custom practiced by shepherds and farmers in the Near East sheds light on the harmful habit of living at the expense of others' opinions.

The ideas and images we have about ourselves and our bodies tend to be heavily influenced by the culture and social environment that surrounds our lives.

An ancient practice of herders and farmers living in the arid—and still mysterious—mountains of the Middle East could bring us closer to an answer to the popular Western constraint that forces us to conduct our lives accordingly to the way we want others to see us.


Breema is based on the concept that the body is an energy system, and its objective is to improve the flow of vital energy.

Known as Breema, a combination of massage, movements, and breathing exercises, this method promotes the activation of the body’s self-corrective reflexes to achieve a natural state of energy balance.

Practicing the nine principles of Breema could help save the massive amounts of energy consumed in the constant struggle between mind, body, and feelings, as well as the physical consequences of stress and disease.
The perceptible benefits of Breema

While no information or independent scientific studies on Breema have been published, its adherents claim that it has no adverse side effects in healthy individuals.


The practice does not require a special preparation; just to wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows movement.

Some of the tangible benefits are renewed vitality, increased mental clarity, and body flexibility. It promotes a musculoskeletal realignment and reduces stress as it improves the activity of the nervous, circulatory, and digestive systems.
Practicing release

Breema is based on the concept that the body is an energy system, and its objective is to improve the flow of vital energy. It consists of a gentle choreography of movements, stretching and bending accompanied by massage on specific points of the body. Exercises and postures are done naturally, without using muscle strength or forced body contortions.


When the three fundamental elements (body-mind-emotions) reach a balance, it is possible to access a heightened state of awareness and a new perception of ourselves and our body, which could change our relationship with others and with life.
California embraces the practice of Breema

There are several centers dedicated to the teaching and practice Breema in the United States.

Since it originated in a region rarely visited by westerners, its particularities are still little known, and therefore beginners require the guidance of a qualified operator.

While you can practice solo, it is ideal for couples due to the interaction of massage and other movements that require company.  ■

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