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Aqua Spinning Takes Over New York

Ana B. Remos

You can practice aqua spinning, the latest trend in France, at Esther Gauthier´s Aqua Studio, located in the heart of Tribeca.

New York scores another hit with the introduction in the U.S. of a new fitness trend. This time it is cycling in water or aqua spinning, a new discipline tested in Europe with amazing results. You can practice this latest and improved version of spinning at Esther Gauthier´s Aqua Studio, located in the heart of Tribeca (78 Franklin Street.)

With great success in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Canada (in Quebec, there are numerous centers that offer this sport), aqua spinning is a low-impact, high-resistance workout that puts less stress in muscles, tendons and joints than traditional spinning classes. Being in water massages the muscles to drain the lymphatic system and reduce cellulite. To these positive effects, we must add that the activity also enhances the quality of sleep, tones and shapes the body, strengthens muscles, improves posture and blood circulation, relieves back pain, and burns more calories because of the higher resistance of the water. And there is another plus: the pleasure of being in the water creates the sensation that no effort is being made; it is just a lot of fun.

The instructors at Aqua Studio have earned their experience at prestigious gyms like Equinox or the Gauthier Studio. Capacity for the 45-minute sessions is limited to 15 persons at a time.

The three-story building has a modern and relaxed zen-like vibe, with a swimming pool on the ground floor, and the recent addition of a coffee shop and a natural juice bar. The Studio is open seven days a week with extended hours, and only offers classes for women.

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