Secrets To Avoid Wrinkles And Aging

Susana Ramudo

When the skin no longer looks  firm and smooth, it is showing the characteristic symptoms of aging.

While it is true that wrinkles are consequential to the process of aging, it is also true that they may appear while we are still young, caused by things as simple as the way we smile or our facial gestures. On the other hand, flabby skin is a clear sign that we are growing older.

Over the years the skin begins to create less of its natural oils or fat, which makes it dry and loose. This predicament can alter the state of mind of the person who looks in the mirror and sees skin that has lost the brightness and elasticity it had before time left its undeniable mark on the face.

Although there are cosmetic procedures that can improve this condition, including surgery, there are also less drastic options that rejuvenate the skin´s appearance, such as the appropriate use of creams and serums.

Photo: Gillian Van Niekerk / 123RF Stock Photo.

When it comes to buying a cosmetic product, it is necessary to distinguish between those that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and others that promise to stretch and firm the skin. A common mistake is to focus only on fighting wrinkles and forgetting about the importance of toning the skin.

If we are looking for a smooth complexion, we need anti-age products (creams or serums). These cover a wide range of skin conditions related to age, such as dark spots or lack of tone, in addition to smoothing out wrinkles.

The difference is an ingredient called DMAE, used in many anti-age products that tighten the skin and the muscles underneath. Another important ingredient is ubiquinone, a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the skin to produce more collagen (after 25 years of age the skin produces less collagen), as well as more elastin and skin cells.

In any case, there are products that stand out in the market for their quality, but we must always keep in mind that all skins are different and do not react equally to every product, no matter how expensive it might be.


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