Musha Cay

Nicholas Sterling

In five years, David Copperfield and a team of architects, designers and decorators, have turned Musha Cay and the three small islands that surround it in an exclusive luxury resort.

Privacy, tranquility and exclusivity await you at Musha Cay

Ten years ago, the famous American illusionist David Copperfield paid US $50 million to acquire an island called Musha Cay located on the Exuma Chain in the southern Bahamas, just a hundred 70 miles from Nassau, the capital.

With 150 hectares of lush tropical vegetation, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and boasting refined accommodations, the property is a highly coveted tourist destination.

Musha Cay is part of the Exuma Chain in the Southern Bahamas

took five years to create an exclusive luxury resort in Musha Cay and the three small islands that surround it with the help of an extensive team of architects, designers, and decorators.

The renowned illusionist also acquired ten more islands in the area, and now owns an entire archipelago. The islands have a runway for small planes that depart from Georgetown, Nassau, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale airports.

White sandy beaches and crystal clear waters in Musha Cay

David Copperfield
’s goal was to make Musha Cay “the most magical vacation destination in the world”. Only 24 guests can enjoy the island and its wonders at any given time.

The list of frequent visitors includes celebrities like
John Travolta and Oprah Winfrey, as well as wealthy Russian and Chinese tycoons. Musha Cay is only rented for entire weeks, at a price of $57,000 per night.

The island features five luxury villas built in the typical Caribbean architecture style. All are finely decorated and have a large master bedroom with a huge bed, private bath, teak terrace and access to private beaches.

David Copperfield himself continually updates the decoration of the villas with artworks and antiques that he brings from his travels around the world.

The resort offers five different styles of exceptional accommodations to impress your family and friends: Pier House, Blue Point, Palm Terrace, Highview and Beach House.

The villas have private gardens and ocean access.

The Pier House Villa features two bedrooms with private bathrooms, a large living and dining area and around 11,000 square feet of private space. The Blue Point Villa is perched on a rock just above the sea, has its own access road —which also leads to its private beach— as well as two large suites with bathrooms and a large shaded terrace.

With two large suites on the first floor and two bedrooms on the ground level, the Palm Terrace villa is exceptionally beautiful thanks to its expansive gardens and spacious seating areas, making it the ideal home away from home for any family.

One of the most popular villas is Highview, as it is at the highest point of the island. It has a living area of over 32,000 square feet, with stunning 360° views of the other islands that make up the
Copperfield Bay.

For those who love nature in its purest form, Beach House is one of the most romantic accommodations. It is a comfortable cottage with a thatched roof next to the beach, with a large living room and open spaces. Guests have access to a crescent-shaped private beach, where they can swim in total privacy or relax under the stars.

The resort offers different kinds of exceptional accommodations.

All accommodations include an excellent service offered by a courteous, discreet, and highly qualified staff composed of butlers, personal trainers, chefs and guides that will satisfy each and every one of your needs in a place where you will feel captivated by the peace and beauty of the surroundings.


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