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Ana Angarita

Giorgio Armani continues to expand his brand with new ventures, including hotels in Milan and Dubai.

Looking to diversify further his brand, the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani has successfully turned his attention to the conceptualization and design of luxury hotels that would allow those who love his couture to live the “Armani experience,” beyond simply wearing his creations.

The Armani Hotel in Milan, Italy, offers beautiful art-deco-inspired interiors in elegant harmony with modern architecture.

Through an ingenious strategy to strengthen the already famous brand, the Italian creator sought to display— in his spa hotels in Milan and Dubai—the minimalist style and timeless elegance that characterize his garments, playing with concepts such as functionality, aesthetics, and comfort.

What stands out at the European retreat of the Hotel Armani is the serenity of the environment, designed with various colors cleverly combined with muted tones of gold and silver, as well as shades of gray and beige.

The idea is to synchronize the different brands of the Armani Group to strengthen the parent brand and make it lasting in the minds and memories of his followers. Thus, at the Armani hotel, guests and visitors can have a global brand experience in its different facets and assimilate it as a way of life.

Those who are acquainted with the Armani fashion emporium know that the brand is not limited to the creation of clothing. They also produce exquisite perfumes and cosmetics, as well as accessories like sunglasses and watches. Clients can also decorate their home with Armani Casa furniture, serve on your table sweets from Armani Dolci and even adorn the room it with flowers from Armani Fiori.

However, this mega fashion designer is just one of several who are following the hospitality trend: Missoni, Bulgari, and Diane Von Furstenberg, among others, are working the interior design at different luxury hotels as an aggressive way to expand their brands beyond the inherently ephemeral nature of fashion.

Skillful in this expansion strategy and aware of the complexity of the hotel business, Armani decided to partner with the Dubai-based real estate group, “Emaar Properties“— responsible for building and managing the Armani Hotels & Resorts— and with whom he plans to open at least eight other resorts in the world.

While this expansion was initially criticized by some who thought his decision to venture into the hotel business could have the opposite effect, contributing rather weaken and dissolve the brand, the Armani hotels have thrived since opening (in Dubai in 2010 and in 2011 in Milan), playing with the principle of exclusivity and gaining strength in this competitive business without ever losing control.

`s determination was strong from the beginning; he decided to open its first hotel in Dubai in the tallest building in the world: the Burj Khalifa.

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