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French jeweler Cartier is no stranger to innovation, exploration or even adventure. The iconic brand, familiar to the powerful, the nobility and the world’s most elegant clientele, answers requests from its legions of loyal followers by augmenting its powerful arsenal of timepieces through the Calibre De Cartier Diver, the firm’s pioneer diving watch.

Following classic design features found in the original 2010 Calibre de Cartier, the new diver’s watch impresses aesthetically and mechanically. The masculine timepiece effortlessly makes its way from the sea to land with strong lines and timeless design, a look that fits either environment.

Watch aficionados familiar with Cartier’s legacy, will value the 1904 MC power movement of the Calibre. An in-house effort, it uses a double barrel that guarantees precision and improved consistency, considering accuracy is of utmost importance for divers, who could find themselves immersed in extreme conditions.

Esthetically, Cartier doesn't stray away from its roots while reaching towards a new frontier. Impressively thin, the 11mm watch is comfortable and sleek enough to carry the wearer throughout the day, despite location. The innovative watch with sword-shaped gilded steel hands and sapphire crystal sits on a black rubber strap and is available in steel or pink gold. The large Roman numerals, a leitmotif at Cartier, augment visibility for divers and enhance the robust appearance of the timepiece.

The sealed case back and crown protect the watch up to 300 meters (984 feet) underwater, while a unidirectional, 120-notch bezel prevents accidental rotation and is coated with Amorphous Diamond Like Carbon (ADLC), practically scratch resistant. For underwater lighting and visibility, the watch uses Super-LumiNova light controls, which make the interface visible at dark.

Calibre de Cartier Diver is ISO certified, a merit earned through laborious, meticulous testing that must meet eight basic criteria, including a unidirectional timing bezel, dial legibility, visibility in the dark, strap durability and resistance to shock, water and pressure.

Cartier's precious 167-year-history has now a diving watch to add to its extensive list of achievements. Smooth rotation, timeless luxury and practicality come together, instinctively, in the Calibre de Cartier Diver, a sophisticated timepiece that also happens to be a performance level sports watch without compromising comfort and refined elegance.


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