Joao Armentano, Brazilian Creations For The World

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The Brazilian designer enters the US market with a sophisticated concept of interior spaces

Brazilian Architect and Interior designer Joao Armentano says he feels creative early in the morning. The quietness of his home is a source of inspiration for some of his projects. In 2014, he visited Miami, FL, where he launched the interior design renderings for Related Group’s project Marea South Beach’s Penthouse, and shared details about his creative process and the importance of this precise moment in his career.

João Armentano
João Armentano.

He started the conversation explaining how important it is for him to be able to share his arts and his taste with the American people. “I came from Brazil and I am very proud to be here. They invited me to make the Marea penthouse, which is a unique project because of its space, not very big, but very unique.” For Armentano, the design should go by the hand of open-mindedness. “Brazilians have houses all over the United States because the American way of life is very desired by Brazilians. The concept of the American apartment is very practical and very easy and intelligent for living well. I take this concept, and I put this practical living ambiance in my designs.

Armentano was consecrated as an international artist with Sao Paulo’s “Hotel Unique”, an architectural landmark created by Brazilian architect Rudy Ohtec with interior designs by Armentano. Since his professional beginnings, the Brazilian press reviewed him as a very original trendsetter. He is recognized for bringing the loft concept to Brazil. He describes himself as a client mind reader and showcases the importance of understanding the personality of his clients. “I create simple forms that are not complicated to live with. In my office the most important thing in one apartment is not the kitchen or the floor, it is the owner, our client. My art resembles the owner of the apartment. The feel and the personality of the person who is going to live at the project should be the main ingredient for beauty.

João Armentano

Joao Armentano resides in Sao Paulo with his wife Cristina, his three offspring Thiago, Isabella and Julia and his two dogs, in the neighborhood of Ibirapuera, very close to the Ibirapuera Park, the city’s most important natural resource, considered the city’s lung. He wakes up before everyone else at home to get some inspiration and listen to the birds that visit his patio at sunrise. When asked about his ideal place to live, he says, “even though I would love to live in an open space loft with no walls, I have a house because of the family, so the home is not “me” only. But it is special, I live inside the park and 300 birds visit my house and my garden. I feed them every day and if someone else tries to feed them they leave, but not with me.

His brand “Estilo JA” is stamped on residential and commercial projects alike, in large and smaller magnitudes. He has created bars, apartments, buildings, and restaurants in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Belgium, The Netherlands and France, to name a few. He is now in the process of conquering the US market with what he calls the Brazilian free lifestyle. To open his world to the US market, Armentano has placed his ideas in Miami, FL with upscale projects like Paraiso Bay, Hyde Resort and Residences, The Bath Club, and 1 Hotel & Homes. “In my profession, I need to go inside people, it is not my taste. The Bath Club, in Miami Beach, for example, is one of my favorites. If I would live in Miami, I think it will be there, you have the villas that go down to the beach, it is wonderful.”

João Armentano

Armentano just finished a private home in Golden Beach, FL and said he works with several Colombian, Venezuelan and Brazilian clients in South Florida. He emphasizes that living spaces should always have some type of concentration on open space. “I like working with natural elements and natural light. To live only in air conditioning all the time is not ideal. My architecture and design will always have some open space.” An architect, interior designer, and decorator, Armentano is essentially an artist who has taken his art, from Brazil to the word.


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