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Nabila Khashoggi’s Travel Inspired Collections

Patricia Abaroa

Taking inspiration from her journeys around the world, Nabila Khashoggi creates products—for her line Nabila K—that are stylish, unique and environmentally friendly.



In 2010, Nabila Khashoggi launched Nabila K, a collection of luxury skincare, makeup, home goods and accessories inspired by her travels around the world. She enlisted the help of a talented team to bring the luxury and excitement she found in her journeys into people’s homes and everyday life. Born in the Beirut, Lebanon, to famed businessman Adnan Khashoggi and Soraya Khashoggi, Nabila enjoyed a charmed childhood that exposed her to different lands and customs, stirring inside her a fondness for other cultures. Nabila K, at its core, is a tribute to travel, brought to life through a wide array of products, including bath salts, bubble baths, lip care, diffusers, and candles. 

Nabila Khashoggi
Nabila Khashoggi.

Each product is created with detailed planning, taking the necessary steps to make every item in her collections perfect. The outcome is a line that features something for every taste. Selections may depend on where the client’s favorite travel memories, or dreams, lie. Therapeutic bath salts in Hibiscus remind us of Tahiti, a Ginger Green Tea body scrub evokes Asia while an Ocean Tempest Diffuser, reminiscent of sandy beaches, may prompt visions of warm days in the Maldives. Nabila K’s Italian made Voyager’s Garden Scarf or her Voyager’s Garden Notebooks feature whimsical prints inspired by travel labels from the 1920s and 30s.

Khashoggi embraces global talent by ensuring that her luxury goods come from all over the globe. Her skin and makeup products, candles and diffusers come from the United States and Canada while scarves are made in Italy, Scotland and Nepal. Nabila K’s collection even boasts towels from Turkey and pencils from Mexico. “It is so interesting to be able to incorporate things from all over the world. We have a wonderful team of international talented experts contributing to the art from all over the world. Our soap wraps are beautifully hand-painted by gifted Venezuelan artist Isabelle Adler. We can always count on Kathy Brungs, our amazing graphic designer from Kentucky. And Hungarian artist Kinga Britschgi—known for her creativity and imagination—has created a series of amazing designs for new products soon to be released, including our debut triple milled soap fragrance, Voyager’s Garden,” says Khashoggi.

With help from her youngest son—who is all of five years old—Khashoggi recently introduced children’s products into her collection. All the kid’s items contain natural and organic ingredients, like lavender, lime and rose, and include hair and body wash, as well as a nourishing body oil. Khashoggi’s son chose the name of the collection, Me and My Friends, as well as the artwork on each product and even worked--with the laboratory--to select the essential oil combinations.

This very involved approach appears to be inherited from his mother, who throws herself into every facet of Nabila K and describes herself as “very hands on.” Khashoggi knows that what goes into each product is as important as her notable scents and beautiful packaging, so Nabila K products are free from harmful chemicals and never tested on animals.

Nabila Khashoggi

Her creations are sold internationally in different spas and shops and online at www.nabilak.com. A part of the proceeds is donated to The Children for Peace (ONLUS), a nonprofit organization that strives to provide education and other forms of aid to children in Third World Countries. Khashoggi is always working and loves being productive. She has 45 new products in development, including an ocean-derived skin care line.

Currently, Nabila K’s biggest market is within the United States, but an influx of orders from Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Italy and Dubai are proof that the line is gaining international appeal. The true sign of success—according to Khashoggi—are returning customers who have fallen in love with the merchandise: “We put quality and care into our products. We hope people like them and keep coming back for more,“ she says.

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