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Ralph Lauren Tourbillon

Federico Tibytt

Two elegant and sporty timepieces inspired by a classic Bugatti.

Ralph Lauren´s watches have, in recent years, been a revelation in the world of haute horlogerie thanks to an excellent line of products that combines unique design with sophisticated Swiss mechanisms. Now, the traditional fashion label has launched its latest models from its Automotive line. We are talking about the RL Automotive Tourbillon and the Double Tourbillon.

Ralph Lauren Tourbillon

While luxury watch enthusiasts and consumers are often skeptical of brands that come from outside the watch world, Ralph Lauren’s automotive line has captivated the specialists with the luxurious elegance of its designs.

It was Ralph Lauren himself—a notable classic car collector—who proposed that the automotive range should be inspired by his 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe, one of the most acclaimed sports cars in history. The result of this aesthetic premise is an exquisite line of mechanical wristwatches featuring a minimalist design that is both elegant and sporty. These characteristics also distinguish the classic Bugatti that inspired them.

Ralph Lauren Tourbillon

The Ralph Lauren Automotive Tourbillon and the Automotive Double Tourbillon boast some of the most sophisticated features: the tourbillon, an exhaust system composed of a rotation mechanism that counteracts the influence of gravity to ensure maximum accuracy.

The first of the two models has a 45 mm. diameter, anti-glare sapphire crystal on the front, a matte black galvanized steel dial, beige SuperNova needles, and a vintage line that evokes the instrumentals of classic sports cars. On the back face, a darkened sapphire crystal reveals the automatic mechanism that activates this unique timepiece.

Some of the design details bring a unique identity and character to both models, such as the delicate contours of hand-polished molded wood, that so brilliantly evokes the wheel of the vehicle honored by this line of watches. On the other hand, the visible tourbillion mechanism adds—with its gold and galvanized steel jewels—contrast of volumes and very attractive colors.

Ralph Lauren Tourbillon

The design of the second timepiece shows a significant similarity to the previous, but with two tourbillons in the lower part of the dial joined by a galvanized steel bridge, a bigger reminder of the automotive aesthetics. The double-complexity mechanism requires winding, with a reserve of 72 hours. Both devices are manufactured by the renowned Swiss company IWC.

With these two models, Ralph Lauren reaches out to a niche of consumers who enjoy classic elegance and admire the complexity of handcrafted mechanical watchmaking. For those who want to know their price, the watch with the simple tourbillion sells for around $62,000, and the double tourbillon costs $99,000.

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