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Global Explorer: The Ocean`S Range Rover

Federico Tibytt

With the aid of advanced technologies that ensure efficiency, robustness and security, Tony Castro Design and Sunrise Yachts presented a luxury mega yacht prototype capable of circling the world with ease.

Few private yachts have the ability to circle the world with ease. These types of ships—named Explorers— are designed to withstand any weather conditions in the remotest corners of the planet. With the characteristics of an explorer and the necessary features for a global cruise, and adding all the style and amenities that distinguish a contemporary super yacht, Tony Castro Design presented its prototype dubbed Global Explorer. Review our selection of luxury yachts.

Global Explorer

The British firm Tony Castro Design, founded by Antonio Maria de Lancastre de Mello e Castro, Count of Antas and Viscount of Pernes, a renowned Portuguese designer of luxury vessels known as Tony Castro is responsible for the yacht’s design. The famous designer boasts over three decades of experience in designing small boats and mega yachts exceeding 300 feet. His well-established naval credentials have earned him praise from the international shipping industry for projects that demonstrate excellent hydrodynamic performance, without neglecting aesthetics.

For his new prototype, Tony Castro draws from the 68-meter platform (223 feet) from the Turkish shipyard Sunrise Yachts and enhances it with the most advanced systems of fluid dynamics to ensure efficiency, robustness and security.

Global Explorer

The result is the Global Explorer, a spectacular super-luxury vessel able to accommodate 12 passengers and 15 crew. She is distinguished by sober and rational lines and is especially noteworthy for its large number of windows and amenities characteristic of the most exclusive luxury yachts. The vessel features a master stateroom that covers the full width of the ship, with a dressing room, en suite bathroom, a bureau and a sitting room—plus two VIP rooms for special guests.

In addition, the yacht provides its owners with the possibility of carrying any additional vehicles required for their journeys of exploration, such as twin limo tenders, a small submarine, jet skis and water sports equipment. There is even space for a car and a heliport in a climate controlled folding hangar. In the aft deck on the main level, there is a colossal scuba diving pool with a stunning clear acrylic wall. Below, the aft gangway can deploy on both sides, creating two generous folding balconies that make up a beach club of daunting proportions.

Global Explorer

The Global Explorer interior –decorated in modern luxury–showcases polished woods, marble floors, crown moldings, abundant functional lighting fixtures and majestic finishes. The spectacular windows in all areas take center stage, especially the bow`s panoramic living room on the upper level, which includes a sliding glass sunroof. The ship also boasts cinema, gym, sauna, wine cellar, a fully equipped kitchen and excellent quarters for the crew.

The Global Explorer by Tony Castro and Sunshine Yachts is the ideal vessel for adventurous mariners seeking to explore the world without leaving the luxury and comfort to which they are accustomed. Not surprisingly, this spectacular mega luxury yacht is known as the Ocean`s Range Rover.

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