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Dragonship 80, The Triamaran Of The Future

Federico Tibytt

This ultramodern trimaran is not just about luxury and design. It stands out for its sporty character, agility, and the use of technologies developed for the America's Cup.

The Welsh shipyard Pi Super Yachts recently revealed the details of their latest project, Dragonship 80, an ultra modern trimaran that combines luxury, comfort and design with the latest technologies in navigation and sustainability. The latest in yachts and super yachts.

Dragonship 80

McPherson Yachts was in charge of the design of this highly innovative and cutting-edge 262-foot vessel, with technologies similar to those used by the yachts that participated in the 2013 America´s Cup. This unique vessel boasts a triple sail system that is able to rotate 360 degrees in both directions to achieve the most efficient angle, the best tilt and the greatest possible wind propulsion.

The sails are fully automated, and the electric propulsion uses new fast recharging batteries that will feed on solar cells integrated into the fabric of the sails. Pi Yachts’ latest vessel is the first super-yacht of this size, 262 feet long and 98 feet wide, propelled entirely by renewable energy: electricity generated by the solar panels, and wind propulsion.

Dragonship 80

In terms of design, the Dragonship 80 has five levels of pure luxury that can accommodate 12 guests in six cabins located in the vessel´s main body plus a spectacular stateroom with a private foyer and balcony for the owners. The captain’s suite is on the upper deck, and the 17 remaining crewmembers will have comfortable facilities located on the side and secondary bodies of the ship, taking full advantage of the space provided by the design.

The main and upper decks, with open views of the sea, are set aside for entertaining. Facilities on the main deck include a luxurious dining room and several lounges, as well as various terraces, a spa and a complete fitness center. The upper level offers a superb vantage point with its own bar, Jacuzzi, and solarium. This area can be shielded from the sun using an automated awning system.

Dragonship 80

To take full advantage of the space, the water toys—such as the jet skis and hammocks—are stored within the amas. One of the Dragon´s most interesting features is that to be able to dock in marinas that otherwise would be off limits for a vessel of this size, the amas are designed to fold alongside the main hull when docked, thus reducing the beam from 98 to 82 feet.

The price for this Dragon of the Seas has not yet been announced, but we are sure it will arouse great interest because it embodies the best navigation features. We´ll just have to wait to know how much this sailboat of the future will cost.

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