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iniala beach house

Iniala Beach House is a design masterpiece that fuses contemporary elegance with traditional luxury, European and Asian sensibilities, and the simplicity of nature with absolute opulence.



Iniala Beach House: A New Vision
of Thai Luxury and Comfort

By Heike Söns


The island of Phuket, in Thailand, has never looked better. Its beautiful beaches, surrounded by lush, exuberant vegetation, have become the idyllic backdrop for one the most inspiring design projects of our times: Iniala Beach House.

Iniala Beach House
Iniala Beach House

Located just 20 minutes from Phuket International Airport, this sanctuary boasts three extraordinary villas and a penthouse. With heavenly views of Natai Beach and the Andaman Sea, the Iniala Beach House is an absolute masterpiece of design that combines contemporary luxury with organic design, Asian and European sensibilities, simplicity of local elements and the most absolute opulence.

The Spanish studio A-Cero, alongside Russia’s Philosophy of Design, were the firms chosen to create Villa Bianca. Seashells inspire two of the suites in this stunning villa while the third suite reminds us of the classic Russian Matryoshka. Dramatic and emotional, this villa is an explosion of creativity in tune with nature, which is emphasized by natural wood accents in the exquisite finishes and decoration, as well as direct access to the beach and pool from every room.

Iniala Beach House
Iniala Beach House fuses tradition with the latest architectural trends.

Meanwhile, the Thai designer Eggarat Wongchakit found inspiration for the design of Villa Siam in the elegance of the local culture and the natural stillness of Buddhism, creating a space that transmits peaceful tranquility and comfort. Its unsurpassed spa sits inside an old Thai bell with Buddhist verses written on its walls.

The most eccentric is the Collector's villa, which combines the work of star designers such as the Campana brothers from Brazil, Joseph Walsh of Ireland, Mark Brazier-Jones of New Zealand, Graham Lamb of Great Britain and Eggarat Wongcharit from Thailand. Although each room has its own distinctive look, they share decorative accents such as crystal chandeliers and luxurious custom furniture. These spaces mix ceramics, mother of pearl and bronze, resulting in a quiet cacophony of design. This villa also features a 3D projection room with capacity for 20 people.

Iniala Beach House
The luxurious house showcases a minimalist, creative style.

Last but not least is the penthouse. Designed by the British Graham Lamb, in collaboration with the founder of Iniala Beach House, billionaire entrepreneur Mark Weingard, it aims to recreate a futuristic, innovative and organic environment. Unique pieces such as a bed that does not touch the floor and custom seats that grow from the curvatures of the architecture highlight the surreal inspiration of the space.
The house/resort also includes Iniala Island, an environment for children, created by Chris Jones, where kids will enjoy stories of pirates and jungles, and rooms inspired by fairy tales.

Of course, Iniala Beach House boasts all the luxury services and amenities as well as a team of professionals who will take care of every detail to please all your whims. By the way, do not miss the restaurant, Azimendi, under the direction of chef Eneko Atxa, which received 3 Michelin stars and will delight your palate with every dish.

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