Aston Martin Condos: The Emblematic Firm’s First Tower Makes its Way to Miami

Federico Tibytt

Once completed, the 66 story mega-tower will undoubtedly be a new landmark on the city’s waterfront.

The new Aston Martin Tower‘s condos hit the market in March 2017. The impressive tower will sit on the banks of the Miami River at 300 Biscayne Blvd Way. It will be the first building in the world to carry the name of the emblematic luxury carmaker and will house 390 super luxury apartments distinguished by the aesthetics and materials characteristic of the British brand.

With these types of buildings, multinational brands such as Armani, Porsche and, in this case, Aston Martin, aim to diversify and strengthen their image, lending their names and identities to real estate projects that reflect their vision and corporate philosophy.

The lifestyle that these brands embody surpasses their products and services. Buying an Aston Martin is not just about purchasing a vehicle with technological advances made with the finest materials, it represents a lifestyle that sets its owners apart.

Offering the opportunity to belong to this world of extraordinary pleasures is what the Argentine company G & G Developments sets out to deliver with the construction of this imposing building in South Florida.

Developed by the automotive design team, in conjunction with the multi-award-winning architecture studios Revuelta Architecture International (Miami, Florida), and Bodas-Miani-Anger (Argentina), the units will be built using noble materials, such as polished woods, leather with hand-stitched seams, custom metal pieces, and marble.

The exterior lines of this 66-story mega-tower, which takes the shape of a sailboat, are also related to the designs of the latest Aston Martin models and, once completed, will undoubtedly become a new landmark on the city’s waterfront.

The land where the tower will stand was acquired by the Coto family. Of Argentine origin, they are the owners of the development company in charge of the project. Alongside a group of investors, they paid an impressive $125 million–in cash–for the land, which doesn’t even exceed a quarter of an acre.

Among the main features of the residential project, especially worth mentioning are the high ceilings, an infinity pool on the 55th floor, a heliport, multiple independent lobbies, panoramic views of the ocean and city and, of course, the spectacular units that range from 700 to 19,000 square feet.

Construction will begin in mid-2017, and the building is expected to be finished by 2021, with the promise of no delays as developers will use their own funds to ensure the completion of the project in a timely manner.

With this building, Aston Martin and G & G Developments offer a fascinating new option for international buyers looking for luxury, style and cutting edge design in the booming and increasingly exclusive city of Miami.

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