Palazzo Ralph Lauren


The palace was built in 1904 to be the residence of its architect, Alfredo Campanini.


Casa Campanini–Vincenzo Bellini 11, Milan–has become the exclusive address for the select members of the Ralph Lauren Club. The ornate structure hosts—since last September—the Palazzo Ralph Lauren, a private club for only 300 members. The opening celebration was the release of Lauren’s ready-to-wear Spring 2016 collection during Milan Fashion Week.

Palazzo Ralph Lauren
Palazzo Ralph Lauren.

Palazzo Ralph Lauren is a 12,000 square-foot iconic Art Nouveau building featuring bespoke and exclusive products, not available in other boutiques. The brand’s first private club boasts a peaceful outdoor terrace where members can delight on personal selections from the chef.

Stunning architecture

The palace was built in 1904 as the residence of architect Alfredo Campanini. His exquisite attention to detail and ornamentation are thought to be tribute to the famous Castiglioni Sommaruga Palace, although less monumental and with more emphasis on earthly pleasures.

Michele Vedani’s Caryatids sculptures flanking the Palazzo’s entrance are a classic demonstration of the prevailing architectural traits of early 20th century. The wrought iron gate at the entrance was designed by Campanini and executed by the artist Mazzucotelli. The multiple floral details are surely a contribution to modernist sculpture.

Palazzo Ralph Lauren
Palazzo Ralph Lauren is hosted in an emblematic Parisian Art Nouveau building.

The building’s interior shows rows of windows, Art Nouveau frescoes and friezes, original furniture and ceramics. The courtyard’s roof features a wrought iron chandelier and floral and cherry motifs that remind us of the theme of freedom.

The empire takes a new turn

The surprising move from their traditional store on Via Montenapoleone—in the center of Milan—to a quiet but luxurious property with lavish spaces, patios and terraces located on a side street, is a manifestation of the momentous changes adopted by the brand.

The Ralph Lauren empire is undergoing a revolution. Although Lauren will remain at the helm of the company as chief executive and creative director, the reins of the empire have been transferred to a professional CEO in the industry.

Palazzo Ralph Lauren
he private club made its debut during Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016.

The firm’s new creation, Palazzo Ralph Lauren has generated a stir in the world of high fashion. Lauren’s new favorite place is only open to VIP club members and selected guests. But the space will keep busy. On their schedule, the upcoming presentations of fashion collections, samples of exclusive jewelry and private events for European society.

The 2016 Spring Collection

For Spring 2016, Ralph Lauren shows a predilection towards the French Riviera and the streets of Paris, an excellent interaction between originality, practicality, and good taste.

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