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Several places in Europe offer an ancient therapy based on beer. Beer's healing properties include the action of its carbonic acid as a stimulant for the circulatory system, its restorative power, and influence to combat various dermatological conditions.



The Healing Powers of Beer Baths

By Walter Raymond

Diving into a pool of beer could be seen as warm summer’s night dream. However, far from being the mirage of a drunkard, that pool really exists in Austria’s Starkenberg Tarrenz Castle.

Well, actually, it is not just one but seven pools—12 feet in diameter—filled with thermal water enriched with 300 liters of pure lager. You can find them at the Starkenberger Beer Myth, a medieval castle located in the Austrian Tyrol— some 90 miles from Munich—which has a long brewing tradition dating back to 1810.

Healing Beer Baths date back to the Middle Ages.

Beer’s healing properties

The healing properties of beer have been known for centuries.  They include the action of carbonic acid as a circulatory stimulant, generating beneficial effects on the skin. The combination of local hot springs with the healing capabilities of beer help fight various dermatological conditions, also acting as a great body tonic.

Revitalizing bubbles

The ancient bath based on beer, whose origins take us back to medieval times, has been recreated by Dr. Roman Vokatý, a specialist in spa therapy and rehabilitation, at the request of the Chodovar brewery.

The immersion is done in a bathtub filled with sulfurous spring water at 93ºF, using five liters of clear beer and five liters of dark beer, plus hops and medicinal herbs. The treatment also includes a generous glass of Rock Lager, unpasteurized beer with nourishing and soothing qualities.

The thermal waters—mixed with this excellent Czech beer—provides vitamin B and other nutrients to the skin while soothing and relaxing body and mind. After the bath, the spa offers a soothing massage with essential oils based on ... beer of course.

Chodovar is a factory/museum dating from the twelfth century, which is still in operation. It was the first spa in the world to offer beer-based treatments. It is located in the thermal region of the Czech Republic, near the beautiful resort-city of Karlovy Vary and the German border. 

Chodovar Hotel.

The Abbey’s miraculous beer 

In the small German town of Neuzelle, near the border with Poland, there is a Benedictine monastery founded 700 years ago. There are no longer any monks in Klosterbrauerei, the monastery’s factory. Nowadays, the place produces two amazing beers with almost unbelievable properties in a very traditional way.

Badebier beer was created to bathe in it, although it can also be drunk. It is said that regular use tones the body and stimulates blood circulation providing significant benefits to the skin—especially male skin. Meanwhile, the Anti-Aging-Bier, could be a powerful antioxidant to slow down the aging process.

Both are quite successful and sold in barrels of up to 50 liters. The Neuzelle region is also well-known for its thermal beer baths in copper vats, which are complemented by revitalizing massages with aromatic oils.

Chmelova bathtub beer bath.

Soaking in beer may sound like a dream to some, but it is more than that and you should not hesitate to enjoy its beneficial effects. ■

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